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Another Quick Update

Hello my lovelies!  I'm sorry I haven't been around, it's been a little crazy and for mother's day, I worked. BUT ~ my hubby and daughter gave me a great day on Saturday so it was totally worth it. I just wanted to put out there I have added my new Instagram to my blog… Continue reading Another Quick Update

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Hold, Please!

Hello my lovelies! I just wanted to throw out this quick post and say .. I'll be back! I'll be back in a few days, I'm sorry I haven't been able to write part 2 of my previous post. There is an upcoming project I am slowly working on and will reveal after Mother's Day. … Continue reading Hold, Please!


What Are Your Skills?

  Hello my lovelies~ As an aspiring doula, I think about the set of skills I'd like to bring to the table with future clients.  What I would find that I could practice comfortably in addition to what would make the mother most at ease.  There are going to be different types of mothers to… Continue reading What Are Your Skills?

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A Quick Side Note

Hi lovelies just a real quick note here ~ I've added my Pinterest page for those who are looking for easy to find resources regarding all things motherhood. I will be updating these boards at least once a day with new information I feel is valuable to my friends here. Please feel free to ask… Continue reading A Quick Side Note

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Third & Final Day Quote Challenge

Good evening my lovelies and welcome.. We've made it to the end of the challenge and it is time for the final quote.  I've enjoyed choosing my favorites thus far and sharing with you all.  In addition, I enjoy reading everyone else's responses to the challenge and what certain quotes mean to them.  More than… Continue reading Third & Final Day Quote Challenge

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Day Two Quote Challenge

Hello my lovelies and woopsies! I dropped the ball, a little late in posting day 2 of the quote challenge but here I am! I'll do better when it comes to day 3!  I was a little caught up yesterday and by the time I could sit down, I basically passed out.  So I wanted… Continue reading Day Two Quote Challenge

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Three Day Quote Challenge!

Good evening, my lovelies. I'm sorry I haven't been around the past couple of days - sometimes work and family get my attention from time to time 😉 I am BACK and I have been challenged by a fellow blogger to join in on the three day quote challenge. Before I start... here are the… Continue reading Three Day Quote Challenge!